119 zl / per person

Proposition of menu

Occasional Events

119 zł / per person

Broth with pasta

Main course (2 portions per person)
Zraz staropolski from pork rolled with bacon
De volaill’e
pork chop or grilled chock pork
Turkey medallion with cheese and pineapple
salmon fillet

Potatoes with dill
chips, sauce
Salads (white cabbage, carrot, beetroot)


Ice-cream roulade with glaze
Apple pie, cheese cake with peach
Fruits on the table
Coffee and tea (no limits)

Buffet (2 portions for person)
Asparagus with salad wrapped in ham
Fish in jelly
Pork roast in herbs, poultry shashlik with bacon
Greek salad,
Bread, butter, coffee, tea (no limits)

Soft Drinks 1 litter for person
Apple juice, orange juice, blackcurrant juice, water with lemon