Welcome to visit Dworek Staropolski to try our kitchen and to see ballroom personally. Please make an appointment earlier for concrete hour to visit us.

For weddings in April and May we have special gift-cake!


Wedding menu for 90-120 people

165 zlotych

Wedding menu for 70-89 people

169 złotych

Wedding menu for 50-69 people

175 zlotych


Rest terms – 155 zl !


Room to newlywed coupe- free!

14 double rooms in price-140 zl for room, extra bed- 50 zl

Hotel Day from 14 to 12

Breakfast 25 zl for person

Additional information’s:

1. Price of menu for photograph, music band etc.: 120zl for person

2. Kids to 3 years old – free, kids from 4 to 8 years old minus 50% of basic price

3. Reservation if you did down – payment 1500zl (not to return)

4. We don’t take special fees (for own alcohol, parking, service)

5. Party is until 4.00 in the Morning on Friday and Saturday

6. Second party – next day from 60zł to 120 zł for person

Wedding room decoration is in menu price. Chairs covers: by Young Couple’s table, max. 14 are for free. For others chairs is 4 zl fee for one cover.

8. Prices can change in case of changing taxes.

9. Band, photographer and cameraman are not included to number of guests.

10. All building are guarded and monitored day and night

Additional offer:

Sodas 1L

8,00 zł

Vodka 0,5L

25,00 – 35,00 zł

Wedding cake

70 zł kg

Old polish rye flour soup with boiled egg and sausage

9zł portion

Ribs baked with cabbage

12 zł portion

Small Staropolski (old polish) Table

750,00 zł

Big Staropolski (old polish) Table

990,00 zł

Burning ham


Staropolski (old polish) Table included: (Cold)

Selected hams, smoked ham, bacon, brawn, lard, village bread, pickled cucumbers, fresh cut vegetables.

Hot: (burning ham – served by cook)

Big table:

village sausages 5kg, black pudding 3kg, baked pork neck 4kg,

Small table

village sausages 3kg, black pudding 2kg, baked pork neck 2,5kg.