Additional Informations

1. Price of menu for photograph, music band etc.: 120zl for person

2. Kids to 3 years old – free, kids from 4 to 8 years old minus 50% of basic price

3. Reservation if you did down – payment 1500zl (not to return)

4. We don’t take special fees (for own alcohol, parking, service)

5. Party is until 4.00 in the Morning on Friday and Saturday

6. Second party – next day from 35zł to 120 zł for person

7.Wedding room decoration is in menu price. Fresh flowers, chairs covers, candles, tablecloth, entrance decoration.

8. Prices can change in case of changing taxes.

9. Band, photographer and cameraman are not included to number of guests.

10. All building are guarded and monitored day and night

11. Using artificial smoke, soap bubbles is allowed only when air conditioner is off.

12. We don’t response about food, alcohol, things left after the party.