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ornament base

Cold: Selected hams, smoked ham, bacon, brawn, lard, village bread, pickled cucumbers, fresh cut vegetables.

Hot: (burning ham – served by Chef) Big table: village sausages 5kg, black pudding 3kg, baked pork neck 4kg,

Small table: village sausages 3kg, black pudding 2kg, baked pork neck 2,5kg.

  • 1 pair (5 dances) 400zł
  • Group dance show from 800 zł to 1500 zł

bar with service – 550zł (alcohols and additions to drink’s – own paid)

Start fire and grill service – 350zł

Room for newlywed couple as a gift! We don’t take special fee’s for parking, decorations etc.

We have 12 double rooms for wedding guests – price 120 zł – one room
Breakfast for weeding guests cost 20 zł.
Next day party in Sunday from 15.00 to 23.00 (max.). Prices for person 60zł – 120zł.

+48 504 107 024

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